Emma | 17 | Nathan Sykes gives me chest pains and very high expectations of men.

*gets in as well and grins* can I wash your hair? /Nath x

weird question *chuckles and pecks your lips softly* sure if you want too x

I think I want as well *smirks and follows you, getting undressed* /Nath x

*shakes my head and undresses, turning the water on and gets into the shower* x

Nathan, Is it true that you guys individually have been requested a lot to give girls their first kiss?

Nope *giggles and rolls on my back, looking at you and grins* we're going now? /Nath x

in a minute, I want to take a shower first *smirks and pulls my top off, going into the bathroom* x

If you keep doing it I'm gonna fall back asleep... *mumbles, relaxing completely* /Nath x

fine *giggles and stands up* I’ll go see micky on my own then *smirks* x

Babe it's so good... *moans* don't ever stop *closes my eyes tightly* /nath x

*kisses your jawline slowly and mumbles* I love you so much *runs my hands down your back and massages your waist gently* x

Mmh... *sighs heavily and happily, nuzzling into the pillow* /Nath x

*kisses your neck softly and slowly, closing my eyes as I massage your shoulders again* x

"Tom and Kelsey are really great together. They met before he was in the band and then broke up. But they're stronger than ever now. And she knows how to party like us boys! I reckon they'll get married one day!" - Jay Mcguiness