Emma | 17 | Nathan Sykes gives me chest pains and very high expectations of men.


Tell us something your fans don't know (x)

Or right *mumbles, feeling embarrassed and quickly puts my boxers on* / Nath x

hm *gets dressed quickly* she’s called Ellie, she bragged about the fact you fucked her for months *clenches my jaw slightly* x

*sighs heavily* No I didn't know their names. It was at parties and we were always both drunk as fuck /Nath x

*nods slightly and looks down* I know you fucked my best mate once or twice *stays looking down and sighs* x

I don't know *sighs as you're really talking about some random girls I fucked when we're in that situation and pulls away* /Nath x

you don’t know?*frowns slightly* so you just literally fucked them? you didn’t know their names or anything?x

*looks at you, taking my boxers off* why are we talking about them? *kisses your neck* /Nath x

because I want to know who they were *pouts slightly and tilts my head back* x

*brushes my lips against your skin before lifting up your shirt and kisses your stomach* /Nath x

*sits up slightly and pulls my shirt and bra off, blushing deeply and bites my lip* so about these other girls you’ve shagged *smirks* x

*kicks them off and and slowly lowers your shorts along with your panties and kisses your inner thighs softly* /Nath x

*whimpers slightly and closes my eyes, leaning my head back and tangles my fingers in your hair* x