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Jay impersonates Max in a phone interview.

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No *shakes my head* I don't want to hurt you or the baby *looks down at your belly and gently rubs it* /Nath x

sex is good for the baby though *pouts slightly and plays with the waistband on your boxers* don’t be mean!*whines cutely* x


Oh yeah really? *looks at you and giggles, kisssing you lightly* Because what i really want to do right now, I can't do it with a pregant woman /Nath x

you can, if you do it in a different way *smirks and sits up, kissing your jawline slowly* x

*bits my lip and shivers as you do* How am I supposed to watch a movie when you're doing that? /Nath x

*giggles and bites my lip softly* hm, maybe you shouldn’t watch it *looks up at you and smiles sweetly, brushing my lips over yours* x

Oh alright *chuckles and pulls you close against my bare chest before looking at the tv*/Nath x

*kisses your chest softly and closes my eyes, running my hand down your torso and bites my lip* my sexy, fit baby *grins cheekily* x