Emma | 17 | The Wanted. Still shining with the lights low, even when the sun goes down.


James Mcguiness - Music videos 2009-2013

I'm not your teacher anymore *smiles and kisses your lips* I'm your boyfriend who loves you very very much /Nath x

*blushes and giggles against your lips* I love you too, more than anything x

I make you nervous? *looks into your eyes and smiles a bit* Really? Why? *grins and plays with your fingers* /Nath x

you’ve made me nervous since we met, I don’t really go around getting attracted to my teachers *giggles and shakes my head* x

jaythan being cute onstage x




Nathan making those faces in the bedroom

The concentration of Nathan for his solo

It's your fault *parts my lips as I breath faster* you make me go crazy *kisses your neck gently and moves my lips to your lips* /Nath x

*blushes and bites my lip* you make me nervous you know, you always have *plays with your fingers gently and looks up into your eyes* x

*you can feel my heart beating fast under your hand and slowly pulls you down the bed, getting on top of you* /Nath x

*mumbles on your lips quietly* try to relax baba, I don’t want you having a heart attack on top of me *giggles and rests my hand over your heart, rubbing your skin slowly with my thumb* x